Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fall SWAP Report

{Our set-up crew--Chris W., you're missing from this photo!--ready to start the fun. We very much missed Kerry, who was gallivanting about London--a little too far away to make it this time.}

The Free SWAP has become a "family reunion" of sorts for many of our volunteers and guests. The children who were too young to volunteer a few years ago are now joining the ranks; it will be fun to see how they grow over the years of Free SWAP photos. 

Service and sharing are values taught and practiced right here. And we are all the better for them.

{Strangers share a bear, a bike, and some toddler toys.}

{New adventures await these items donated by community members.}

{Hooray for new finds!}

{And more new finds.}

{I had to snag a photo of this delightful family after noticing their playful big group hug.}

{This is the second swap where these two have shown up with a box of goodies to share with perfect strangers--sweethearts!}

{Hurricane Irma destroyed their home in Georgia. They are rebuilding their lives here.}

{This is J. She likes books. (Past photos show this.) She said, "I found a book at the first Free SWAP I came to that I have kept in my purse since." To whoever donated that book years's getting plenty of love. And thank you!}

{The senior generation of volunteers got a kick out of this donation--talk about a blast from the past!}

{We called up the folks at GiveIt and they put us in touch with J.  His kids go to a local elementary school that is in the middle of a clothing drive fundraiser. All the leftover clothing went to support one of our community schools. And, thanks, J, for staying to help with clean-up!}


{As for what *I* found and took home? This fully-functional, beautiful vent cover (right) to replace our damaged one (left). Super random. But it fits perfectly! The other went in the recycling bin where it will find new life as something else.}

And so we close out another Free SWAP season. It was a good one. As usual. We love our community. There is so much love and generosity here. Thank you to all who participated, especially the volunteers! We love you! Until next time...

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