Monday, April 16, 2018

Last June's SWAP in Photos & Summer SWAP Coming Up!

I recently found a slew of photos I took at the June 2017 swap. Enjoy scrolling through as we look forward to the next one on:

2 June 2018
8:00 a.m. to noon
Orem City Center Park, Rotary Pavilion
300 East Center Street

Sharing baby stuff

Love this one: on the left, June 2016, this couple (with help from friends) found a baby crib for the child they were expecting. (The crib was donated by my good friends/neighbors who had moved past that particular stage in life.) One year later, June 2017, here the two, uh, *three* are again, Dad and several buddies now lending a hand as volunteers.

Bikes! Finding new-to-you bikes and helmets. One family rode their bikes to the swap for a wholesome day at the park. They strapped new finds on the backs of their bikes (top R) and had a lovely day out.

Love this photo. What a great way to spend a day in the park: sun, grass and trees, community sharing, and playing games with loved ones. (They scored a sleeping bag, too!)

Reading and learning

From hospital-style beds to jewelry, there's always something interesting at the Free SWAP

Stuff, sharing, and smiles

By supporting the Free SWAP you:

*REDUCE WASTE--less goes to the landfill
*CONSERVE GAS--locally-sourced goods = less gasoline for transportation
*INSPIRE "UPCYCLING"--making something new out of something old
*CONSERVE RESOURCES--save the raw material that would have otherwise been used if you had bought new
*CELEBRATE COMMUNITY--see how our generous and gracious community fits together beautifully

A few swaps ago someone donated this pair of shoes. My daughter took them home. She had many adventures. She grew. She donated them again to the swap. They continue to have more adventures, somewhere, with another family.

And, of course, VOLUNTEERS! Yay for our volunteer family. This is a guaranteed great way to spend a Saturday. If you've got even a half an hour to spare, we'd love to meet you and serve with you. Just show up and say, "How can I help?"

See you soon!

Sharing abundance. Uniting communities.