Monday, September 30, 2013

A World of Thanks to the Faithful Free Swap Volunteers

{Pictured from L to R: Lisa H., Kathy M., Connie C., Roy S., Kerry F., and Julie S.--rock star volunteers!}

Looking at this picture (and no help from the sentimental music playing in the background right now) makes me all teary-eyed. For reals.

My friend and local free s:w.a.p. coordinator Kerry F. tagged me on a twitter post 6 minutes before the "doors" opened for the swap. The screen capture showed the time, a shiny yellow sun, and a temperature of . . . wait for it . . . 32 degrees! (That's 0 degrees for those in the world of Celsius) I believe there had been a dusting of snow that fell the day before. I told her that maybe we should re-brand the fall event as the Community FREEZE S:w.a.p.

Yet look at those devoted volunteers! Bundled up and warm smiles ready to serve the community members of Utah County. And despite the cold, Utah County showed up. Nearly 300 participants came to freely share with each other.

Dearest Volunteers, I am truly grateful for your generous spirits. This simply could not happen without you.

And thank you to Caleb Warnock at the Daily Herald. Newspaper seems to work well for the free swap participants. Read the article here: "Orem free swap returns on Saturday by popular demand"

If you are in Utah County and you missed this one, we will be back the first Saturday of June 2014. If you are not in the area, but are interested in this concept, give some thought to starting one in your community. If anyone else out there already does something like this, please share your stories and insights. Would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Free S:w.a.p. Coming Up! Spread the News and/or Come Volunteer

A common question at the last event was, "When's the next one?"  Well, folks, it's just about time for another one: Saturday, September 28.

{Volunteers wanted--see below--trust me, it's such a feel-good community event, you'll love being a part of it.}

The fall swap is particularly great for sharing winter gear (especially children's coats, boots, etc.)--families are getting the seasonal clothes out of storage and discovering that the children have out-grown some things. Another thing to keep in mind is possible gift "shopping" for Christmas (or birthdays, etc.)

Below are the details.  Feel free to pass this around electronically (email, facebook, twitter, blogs) or print out the information and post it up at work or church or where you like to shop or play.  Remember to get permission first, though.  ;)

c  o  m  m  u  n  i  t  y
F  R  E  E     S : W . A . P .
s h a r i n g  :  w e . a l l . p r o s p e r .

for everyone and anyone
Saturday, September 28, 2013
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Orem City Center Park—Rotary Pavilion
North side of Center St. midway between State St. & 400 E.

It’s like a yard sale where everything is free.  Clear out clutter, pass along items you no longer need.   Item donations are welcome—from furniture to home d├ęcor to sporting equipment.  Please limit donations to items that can be carried by one or two people; nothing that needs special moving equipment—i.e. dollies for refrigerators, etc.—unless you can assume responsibility for transport to its new home.  Simply bring items to the community free s:w.a.p. and then stay and browse the rest of the selection for anything that you could use. 

Note: NO DONATION REQUIRED; feel free to take what you can use.

There will also be a collection bin for any food bank items guests wish to bring which will later be delivered to the community Food Bank in Provo.

Volunteers wanted.  Email desertgreengoddess {at} gmail {dot} com.

Any other questions can be emailed to above address.

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