Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Free S:w.a.p. Report

Here are a few stories as recounted by some volunteers:

L.M. says: “I think one of my favorite moments (R’s too [husband and fellow volunteer]--he couldn't get over it) was that we had brought our double tandem stroller along with other baby and furniture and stuff. I BARELY got it set up (put the front seat on) when a young family came over with their tandem stroller and four small children. They started asking me about it. I told them how to make it work, how the seat reversed, etc., and with big smiles, they asked if they could have it. They moved their children over to it, leaving their own stroller, and continued around the swap, finding other good deals, noticeably excited about their upgrade. Meanwhile, another family came over to their old stroller and scooped it up with the small children they had in tow. It was amazing how quickly things went, and how happy people seemed to be in getting such treasures.”

E. B. says: “A few highlights for me: First, I noticed a woman grabbing all of the sewing patterns so when I was putting away another box of donated items and saw there was another pattern I went looking for her. When I gave it to her I seriously thought she was going to hug me. She was pretty happy.

Second, someone donated a newspaper special issue on the Billings, MT [LDS/Mormon] temple. I thought that was funny that someone didn't just toss that in their recycling bin. But, I actually took it home! That is my home town and as a teenager I did a lot of petitioning to get that temple built there. I was excited to read about it even though it was written 14 years ago! You never know what will be a treasure to someone else.

Count on me and my girls helping next year!

For the rest of the account, including pictures, go here.

Next post: report on a hiccup involving an angry mention of possible report to the police.  Shameful tease, I know, but for someone as blandly law-abiding as I am (well, I have been to traffic school . . .) it was a little jarring.