Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fall SWAP Report

It was another rainy swap. (Not as bad as the one from a couple of years ago; just a steady drizzle this time.) But, you know what? People still came.

And freely shared with each other.

Have I mentioned before that I love the Free SWAP? It's just about the best thing ever. It's a win for both the givers and the receivers. It's a win for the environment. It's a win for creativity. And it's a win for Community.

{Givers and receivers together (clockwise from L): a hand-crafted rocking horse, a nativity set, a decorative boat-shelf}

{Excited about new finds: a glass drink dispenser, a dutch oven, an over-flowing bag of clothes, and a T-shirt for this die-hard Hunger Games fan}

{Clockwise from top L: lots of clothes come and go, our family's old stroller went to a veteran volunteer who could use it, baskets, rugged army boots, plant therapy donation, my good friend spreading the word, and a bassinet}

And a hearty big thanks, again, to the volunteers who make it so much fun and help facilitate this community event.

{Some of our crew. We love doing what we do.}

Come join us for the next one!

...which will be:

Saturday 3 June 2017, 8:00 a.m. to noon
Orem City Center Park, Rotary Pavilion
approximately 300 E, Center Street

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